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Bush Trimming

Bush trimming is priced by the number of bushes to be trimmed. We also take into account the size, desired shape, and location of the bush. In general, most customers spend between $50-$200.
Small bushes 1-2 feet tall $10-$15 per bush
Medium bushes 2-4 feet tall $20-$35 per bush
Large bushes 5-10 feet tall $45-$100 per bush
All trimmings and debris are removed and we remove all leaf build up and debris under the bushes no extra cost.

Debris Removal

Pricing will vary on the depending on the location, type, and size of the debris pile. Customers generally spend between $50 and $400. An onsite estimate is required.


Edging is done around anything where you would like a clearly defined gap in your yard.. Normally it is only a 2-6 inch gap where we take an edging shovel and go from one end to the other. While this isn’t a complex or hard task. It is time consuming. We charge $35 per hour to edge and remove the debris. Most yards only take 1-2 hours to complete.

Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is very complex to price and requires an on site estimate. In general you can expect the price to be around $1000-$1500 per day. Our crew can finish most back yard 1 acre lots in 1-3 days. The timing depends on whether trees must be climbed and many other factors.

Hand pick the trees that you would like to keep and we will make it a point to minimize damage to them. When the job is complete you will have a brand new yard that you can make your own!


The pricing of Tree Pruning depends on the location of the limbs, the size, and the amount of debris to be removed. Tree pruning requires an onsite estimate. Prices typically ranges between $100 to $1000. The average job is between $300-$500 for limbs hanging over the house that require rigging and a climber.

If limbs can be reached from the ground with a long pole saw and we are only getting the limbs we can reach prices tend to be around $25-$125.
Strategic pruning can be extremely helpful for a tree. Whether we are just shortening the length of a limb to take some of the weight off or taking a limb off all together, the tree almost always responds well and will grow back twice as strong next year.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is generally priced by size, and we have a $250 minimum to grind stumps. Prices vary from $250 to $1000, Most customers spend between $250-$400.

We are required by law to inform Miss Utility of Virginia that we will be grinding stumps, so we are aware of where dangerous gas lines or utility lines when we grind. It can take up to 5 days for Miss Utility to come out and spray; please plan accordingly.

The stump must be clear of all Bricks, Rocks, Metal, or anything else that will damage the machine’s expensive cutting teeth. If the stump has debris like this grown into the root system and cant be removed by hand, an additional fee of $100 will be added to help cover the loss of damage and to replace the broken cutting teeth. This is a rare occurrence.

Prices based on location, accessibility, and size. Rough estimates can be found below.

Small stumps 4-8 inches $50
Medium stumps 8-14 inches $75-$125
Large stumps 14-24 inches $125-$300
Extra Large stumps 24-66 inches $300-$600

All visible roots will be ground out as well and will be included in the estimate. The stump will be completely gone and you will be able to plant another tree in its place if you choose to!

When Stump grinding is complete you will be left with a pile of mulch, dirt, and wood chips equal to the size of the stump. This can be spread around mature plants around your property, or hauled away for an extra fee ranging between $50-$200. Otherwise the pile of mulch will be left for the customer to deal with.


Tree topping is something that we never recommend to a customer. It’s not only unhealthy for the tree, but it can be dangerous if the tree is not properly maintained. You should never remove more than 1/3 of a tree’s canopy at any given time. Topping typically requires that you take more than 50%.

Tree topping can be used to stunt a tree’s growth if you don’t want to lose your beautiful shade, but are tired of worrying about the tree having to much weight leaning over your house. The price of topping a tree is almost the same price as if you were going to remove the entire tree, because of the complexity involved in trying to keep the tree alive as you remove half of it. Cuts in the trees canopy must be made in specific places to promote new shoot growth and good recovery. Most customers spend between $600-$1500.

We cannot guarantee the tree will recover from topping, but we will take every measure to give it a fighting chance.

Tree Feeding

Tree Feeding is where we strategically place fertilizer around the root system of a tree, using the drill-hole method. Fertilizer is placed in the drill holes in quadrants around the tree. Different trees require different fertilization. Using the wrong fertilizer could hurt or kill the tree. It can take up to a year to see the results from a tree feeding, but is well worth it if the tree recovers and we don’t have to remove it.

Prices are $200 per mature tree. If you have more than one tree, we can do them for $175 each

When doing a drill hole fertilization method, it will help all the plant life in the area, and not just the target tree.

We can’t guarantee the tree will respond well to the feeding. Many times when we are called out to access the health of a tree, it is already too late. This is another option for the home owner that loves their tree, and isn’t ready to lose it!

So if you’re on the fence about getting this done, don’t wait too long before giving us a call. Saving your tree could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Tree Removal

The price of tree removal depends on the size, species, location, the target under the tree, whether it needs to be hauled or just put on the ground and cut up, whether it must be climbed or can just be fell, and many other variables. On site estimates are required.

You can expect to spend more than $300 to remove a tree. The average job costs $1,000. Rest assured that Grubb Tree has been in business for over 10 years – that extremely dangerous tree hanging over your house is just another day at the office for our experienced crew.