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Tree Feeding


Tree Feeding is where we strategically place fertilizer around the root system of a tree, using the drill-hole method. Fertilizer is placed in the drill holes in quadrants around the tree. Different trees require different fertilization. Using the wrong fertilizer could hurt or kill the tree. It can take up to a year to see the results from a tree feeding, but is well worth it if the tree recovers and we don’t have to remove it.

Prices are $200 per mature tree. If you have more than one tree, we can do them for $175 each

When doing a drill hole fertilization method, it will help all the plant life in the area, and not just the target tree.

We can’t guarantee the tree will respond well to the feeding. Many times when we are called out to access the health of a tree, it is already too late. This is another option for the home owner that loves their tree, and isn’t ready to lose it!

So if you’re on the fence about getting this done, don’t wait too long before giving us a call. Saving your tree could end up saving you thousands of dollars.