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Tree topping is something that we never recommend to a customer. It’s not only unhealthy for the tree, but it can be dangerous if the tree is not properly maintained. You should never remove more than 1/3 of a tree’s canopy at any given time. Topping typically requires that you take more than 50%.

Tree topping can be used to stunt a tree’s growth if you don’t want to lose your beautiful shade, but are tired of worrying about the tree having to much weight leaning over your house. The price of topping a tree is almost the same price as if you were going to remove the entire tree, because of the complexity involved in trying to keep the tree alive as you remove half of it. Cuts in the trees canopy must be made in specific places to promote new shoot growth and good recovery. Most customers spend between $600-$1500.

We cannot guarantee the tree will recover from topping, but we will take every measure to give it a fighting chance.