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Stump Grinding


Stump grinding is generally priced by size, and we have a $250 minimum to grind stumps. Prices vary from $250 to $1000, Most customers spend between $250-$400.

We are required by law to inform Miss Utility of Virginia that we will be grinding stumps, so we are aware of where dangerous gas lines or utility lines when we grind. It can take up to 5 days for Miss Utility to come out and spray; please plan accordingly.

The stump must be clear of all Bricks, Rocks, Metal, or anything else that will damage the machine’s expensive cutting teeth. If the stump has debris like this grown into the root system and cant be removed by hand, an additional fee of $100 will be added to help cover the loss of damage and to replace the broken cutting teeth. This is a rare occurrence.

Prices based on location, accessibility, and size. Rough estimates can be found below.

Small stumps 4-8 inches $50
Medium stumps 8-14 inches $75-$125
Large stumps 14-24 inches $125-$300
Extra Large stumps 24-66 inches $300-$600

All visible roots will be ground out as well and will be included in the estimate. The stump will be completely gone and you will be able to plant another tree in its place if you choose to!

When Stump grinding is complete you will be left with a pile of mulch, dirt, and wood chips equal to the size of the stump. This can be spread around mature plants around your property, or hauled away for an extra fee ranging between $50-$200. Otherwise the pile of mulch will be left for the customer to deal with.